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Shrinking Your “But”=Increasing Your Happiness

admin / January 7, 2018

Let’s talk about buts. Not in the Sir Mix-A-Lot way, although that’s equally important on some levels.  No, I’m talking about buts, with one T. How many times a day do we say or think about buts? For me, it’s pretty much all the time.  You’re sitting at work, and a challenging but interesting project slides across your desk.  You know…

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Hiking, Personal

New Year’s Eve Hike and Resolutions

admin / December 31, 2017

It’s that time, friends! While everyone is scrambling to make New Year’s Resolutions that they may or may not keep, I spent my morning snuggled up with my friend’s pup, followed by a leisurely stroll-hike…strike? Setting goals is definitely important for personal/professional growth, but sometimes it’s nice to start by recognizing all the wonderful things you already have and the…

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