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New Year’s Eve Hike and Resolutions

It’s that time, friends! While everyone is scrambling to make New Year’s Resolutions that they may or may not keep, I spent my morning snuggled up with my friend’s pup, followed by a leisurely stroll-hike…strike? Setting goals is definitely important for personal/professional growth, but sometimes it’s nice to start by recognizing all the wonderful things you already have and the great qualities you possess. By focusing on the good first, we can enter the new year with the momentum and positivity needed to achieve our plans.

But before I go any further, here’s the doggo. Her name is Katy, and I dog-sat for her last night! She was a great space heater…and 100% took my spot when I got up to use the restroom, but with that face, I couldn’t get upset.

“Oh, were you sleeping here? Sorry, I forgot”

Nature is good for the mind

Am I right? My mind was calm and contemplative this afternoon as I meandered through the snow-packed trails at the Middlesex Fells with Ben.  I haven’t yet mentioned this guy, but he’ll certainly come up more as he’s kind of a big deal. Maybe someday he’ll start his own blog…Ben Goes Places.  Maybe not; we’ll see!

Even though the weather was approximately -2384979887628374 degrees (or 10, but who’s counting), it was a great breath of fresh air. I remembered how much I have to be grateful for this past year, despite the stresses that pocked it.

My family

I don’t see them as much as I wish I could, but they’re the weirdest bunch of lovely folks I know. Plus, this year I got a new family member– my sister’s fiance, Joe.  Next year, he’ll be my brother, which means I get to be 1000% more annoying without repercussions.  Sorry, Joe…

My friends

I think I’m pretty lucky to have such an eclectic, entertaining, and supportive group of friends in Boston (and beyond).  Some friends share my outdoorsy interests and push me to be active and healthy, others challenge me to be the best musician I can, and still others just make me laugh when it seems like it’s impossible to smile.  10/10, would recommend.


I won’t get gross here, but he’s an awesome guy. Ben has helped me through some very stressful and challenging moments this past year, and his patience, kindness, and humor are unrivaled. Also, he wears absolutely ridiculous hats (see below)

Yes, that’s a polar bear hat he’s rocking. He also still likes me when I make this face, which is remarkable.

I think I could keep going on about the small everyday things that make me feel fortunate, but this post would be a mile long and you have more important things to do with your day.  Thus, onward to a few goals for 2018! The beauty of my goals is that there’s no finite end–these are all gradual journeys to being an overall happier, healthier Janice.


Sometimes things take time to fall into place.  Other times, I find myself frustrated that I can’t get things to happen as I’d like when I’d like.  I’m focusing my energy on being kind to myself and to others, especially in the most stressful times.

Healthy Living

I’m the first to admit that I have a weak spot for every food that’s terrible for human consumption.  Going forward, I want to incorporate healthier, homemade meals into my busy schedule so that I know I’m helping my body work at its best.  I’ve tried a few new classes at several gyms (I’ll talk more about those soon!), which motivates me and keeps things interesting!

Seeing New Places

This is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve only recently upped my traveling, and I hope to see even more over the next year.  Whether it’s somewhere local I haven’t yet explored, or picking a spot on a map with a dart a-la the movies and hopping on a plane, I’m looking forward to new adventures in new places.


It’s been soooo long since I’ve written more than an email to anyone! In college and grad school, I feel like all I did was write, but usually it was for academic reasons. I’m hoping that this blog is an opportunity to stretch my brain back into shape and write for the sake of writing.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy New Year!

Until next time,